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Please find my entire line of vestments at our new website

East Rome Designs

You can find cassocks, exorassa,  altar server robes, altar cloths, and vestments at affordable prices for immediate shipment.

Cassocks start at $165

Exorassa start at $175

Altar server robes start at $225

Priest vestments start at $595

Deacon's vestments start at $520

plus communion cloths, altar cloths, and icon stand covers

Why am I no longer offering custom cassocks and vestments?


It has been an honor to create custom-made vestments and cassocks for my clients for 28 years, but I have long known that there was a great need for high-quality vestments that would not sacrifice quality or traditional aesthetics.


Over the last three years, I have used thousands of measurements to come up with standardized sizes that fit virtually all of my clientele.  By using standardized sizing, quantity purchasing, and batch cutting, I am now delighted to offer my same level of quality at a much lower price at our East Rome Designs website. It is my belief that making cassocks and vestments affordable is one of of the best ways to keep Orthodox Christian liturgical vesture traditions alive.

The response to our East Rome Designs website has been so enthusiastic that I no longer have time in my schedule for custom orders. Please sign up for the emails from East Rome Designs if you would like to know when new products are released.


Thank you for your understanding and your ongoing support,


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