Church Beautification Information

Beautifying a church is a worthy and holy endeavor. However, it can be daunting to know where to start if you have limited experience or knowledge. To get started, see the PDF of General Beautification Recommendations for Orthodox Christian Churches below, which focuses on simple yet effective measures to bring more beauty into any community. This information is also presented in the podcast "Church Beauty Basics" on Ancient Faith Radio (search: "The Opinionated Tailor"). 

If your community is looking for further inspiration and education, consider having me come and give an all-day retreat on beauty and the Church (see the Speaking Engagement page for details). During this time, I am available to give a Beautification Consultation in which I consider your entire liturgical environment--from the narthex to the altar area--in order to make customized recommendations for your church, which include suggestions for lighting, textiles, paint colors, and optimizing your aesthetic environment (there is no charge for this service if it is in combination with a speaking engagement).

Following the visit, I will email a specifications document that details my recommendations.

If you would like a Beautification Consultation without a retreat, my fee is $500 for a full-day consultation (plus airfare and lodging as necessary).These should be scheduled for a weekend when I can participate in liturgical services.

To book this service, please email me with requested dates.

General Beautification Recommendations for Orthodox Christian Churches