What about deadlines?

If you have an ordination or other deadline, I encourage you to plan well in advance. The old adage "quality takes time" certainly applies to ordering custom-tailored liturgical garments and furnishings. After two decades of working under virtually constant tight deadlines, I have decided that as of 2021 I will no longer accept deadlines. I kindly ask that you allow me plenty of time--6-12 weeks--to custom tailor your order. To make absolutely sure your order is ready by your deadline, then I recommend allowing 6 months because of possible supply delays and shortages.

Due to the nature of the liturgical brocade market, which is tiny in the grand scheme of fabric manufacturing, I am often waiting a long time for a particular brocade or color to be made by the mills in Greece and I have no control over their production schedule. Added to that, companies that make specialty supplies such as the metallic trims or the special interfacings I need often produce limited quantities and I am not willing to use cheaper quality materials just to meet a deadline. I want your garments to best the best quality and give you decades of service and this takes time.

I apologize if this seems rather old and cranky (I am both most days), but deadlines really rob the joy from my work and I need time and space to create beautiful vestments and church furnishings.

I thank you in advance for your understanding and your support!