Deacon's Vestments, Lightweight

Lightweight, embroidered deacon's vestments are a wonderful choice if you wish your vestments were lighter, cooler, and more comfortable! This type of vestments is made a solid colored background fabric which has been machine embroidered with various motifs, such as crosses and sprays of flowers. The sticharion is unlined (the orarion and cuffs are still lined as usual) and these sets weight about 3 lbs less than traditional brocade vestments. With a large number of background fabrics and motifs to choose from, you can find vestments for almost any situation or liturgical season. There is only a small offering below, but more designs and colors can be seen at the Priest's Vestments, Lightweight page--any design there can be made as Lightweight Deacon's Vestments.

These fabrics only come in Greek style:

Greek-style deacon's vestments include fully lined sticharion, Greek-style orarion (orarion that loops over hip), custom tailored cuffs, and vestment cover.

Most orders are shipped with 4 weeks.

How do I pick a vestment fabric?

You start first with what color you need--lightweight sets typically feature multiple colors in the embroidery (for example, Deerfield has gold, burgundy and green in the embroidered motif), so start by choosing the background fabric you need--white for every Sunday/most versatile use. Then choose the design you like best with gold/silver and gold/burgundy/red embroidery being the most appropriate for every Sunday use. For "blue" sets, you can choose either blue embroidery on a white background (for example, Deerfield gold/blue on white) or a blue background with gold/silver embroidery (for example, Caesarea gold/silver on dark blue). If you see a motif you like but not on the background fabric you need, just let me know as I can custom order almost any color combination.

Please note: Some of the listings below show the full set of vestments and others show simply the fabric because I didn't have time to photograph the vestment (this happens frequently when I'm working on a deadline). If you have any questions about your order, please do not hesitate to email me at If you are uncomfortable placing the order online, I am happy to send an invoice and  payment link once we have determined the details of your order.