Deacon's Vestments

My high quality deacon's vestments are custom tailored and designed to give many years of beautiful service. I offer a curated collection of brocades that I think work best in Greek and Russian Orthodox churches and I pair the galloons and crosses that I think harmonize best with the brocades hue and design. There is a wide variety of colors and fabric options within three basic categories:

Brocade--hard-wearing, classic brocades in the widest variety of colors and designs

Real Metal Brocade--stunning metallic brocades for festal use

Lightweight, embroidered--excellent for warm climates or when you want lighter vestments that are still beautiful and traditional

Greek-style deacon's vestments include fully lined sticharion, Greek-style orarion (orarion that loops over hip), custom tailored cuffs, and vestment cover.

Russian-style deacon's vestments include fully lined sticharion with galloon "bib", Russian-style orarion (orarion that does not loop over hip), cuffs and vestment cover.

Most orders are shipped with 4 weeks.

Please note: Some of the listings below show the full set of vestments and others show simply the fabric because I didn't have time to photograph the vestment (this happens frequently when I'm working on a deadline). If you have any questions about your order, please do not hesitate to email me at If you are uncomfortable placing the order online, I am happy to send an invoice and  payment link once we have determined the details of your order.