Deacon's Vestments, Real Metal Brocades
& Specialty items

Real metal deacon's vestments are the stars of the vestment stratosphere--they gleam and shine with real metal fibers woven into the brocade and can often include specialty upgrades such as hand embroidered crosses, velvet embroidered oraria, and velvet insetting into the sticharion. These sets are excellent for festal use, whether it's Christmas, Pascha, a patronal feastday, or an ordination. These are vestments in which I really get to pull out all the stops and I love creating these special sets!

Greek-style deacon's vestments include fully lined sticharion, Greek-style orarion (orarion that loops over hip), custom tailored cuffs, and vestment cover.

Russian-style deacon's vestments include fully lined sticharion with galloon "bib", Russian-style orarion (orarion that does not loop over hip), cuffs and vestment cover.

Most orders are shipped with 4 weeks.

How do I pick a vestment fabric?

You start first with what color you need--this can be a bit trickier with real metal sets since they are often multi-colored as those kinds of brocades are considered the most festal (a great place to start is with a multi-colored on white or gold, such as Ochryd or Kastoria). Once you've determined the color you want, simply look through the available fabrics and choose the one you like best. Real metal brocades typically feature larger designs and incorporate more embellished motifs such as urns of flowers and elaborate vinework. I work diligently to curate my collection of brocades so you can't really choose a "wrong" one, but I'm happy to help you choose if you feel a bit overwhelmed! You can also read the "Which Colors do I Need?" article on the Info tab.

Please note: Some of the listings below show the full set of vestments and others show simply the fabric because I didn't have time to photograph the vestment (this happens frequently when I'm working on a deadline). If you have any questions about your order, please do not hesitate to email me at If you are uncomfortable placing the order online, I am happy to send an invoice and  payment link once we have determined the details of your order.