What about deadlines?

If you have an ordination or other deadline, I encourage you to plan well in advance. The old adage "quality takes time" especially applies to ordering custom-tailored liturgical garments and furnishings. It takes time for me to review your measurements and get the correct fit, time to order and receive the fabric and specialty supplies for your order, time to cut and fit your order in a precise and careful manner, time to complete the finish sewing, time to package and ship your order. Each order is completely custom and individually made, so there are no "efficiences of scale" as is found in the modern fast-fashion garment industry. 

Additionally, the types of fabrics, brocades, and finishing supplies I use are unique and difficult to source in the modern "throwaway" clothing culture. It can sometimes takes weeks or months for a mill to produce a specific color of brocade or a factory to make buttons to my specifications. I want your vestments and cassocks to last decades, so I refuse to use lesser-quality, more readily-available supplies (a good example of this is interfacing--you can buy inexpensive interfacing at any fabric store in America, but it's only designed to last 18 months; I use harder-to-find marine canvas because it will last for decades). I am intentional about every fiber and finishing that goes into your garments and I want them to be the best quality I can find and this can take time as well.

 I kindly request that you allow plenty of time for your vestment or cassock orders. If you have a specific deadline, please plan in advance. I want to make the most beautiful, highest quality vestments I can and I typically am able to do this in 4-12 weeks (less than 1% of my orders in the last 26 years have taken longer than 12 weeks). I greatly appreciate your not sending emails to check on the status of your order as these interrupt me from actually working on your order.  I know this is quite different than most online ordering where you get instant status updates and expedited delivery, but I'm essentially making your garments the way garments were made hundreds of years ago and it's an entirely different process than simply pulling a stock item off a shelf and shipping it. One of the best ways you can support me in creating beautiful, long-lasting garments is to place your order and then wait patiently. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,