Priest's Vestments, Brocade

Brocade priest's vestments are the workhorses of vestments--they come in the widest variety of colors and there are many motif designs, from geometric to more intricate. Whether it's for an ordination, Sunday use, or a special color for a liturgical season, brocade vestments are an excellent choice for beautiful, traditional vestments that will give many years of hard-wearing service. Click on any of the photos below to see the variety of brocades I have in that color group.

Priest's vestments come with phelonion, epitrachelion, zone, cuffs, and vestment cover. Sticharion, epigonation, and chalice veil sets can be added. Most orders are shipped with 4 weeks.

How do I pick a vestment fabric?

You start first with what color you need--are these for every Sunday, multi-purpose usage (any of the golds are great for this), or is it for a specific liturgical season (for example, purple or burgundy for Great Lent, or green for Pentecost)? Once you've determined the color you need, simply look through the available fabrics and choose the one you like best. Some of my clients are drawn towards simpler, geometric designs and others love tri-color brocades with big motifs. I work diligently to curate my collection of brocades so you can't really choose a "wrong" one, but I'm happy to help you choose if you feel a bit overwhelmed! You can also read the "Which Colors do I Need?" article on the Info tab.