Priest's Vestments,
Athonite (high back)

Athonite priest's vestments are not for the faint of heart! These stunning, impressive sets are typically made from bold brocade designs, either Brocade or Real Metal Brocade, and often feature some kind of upgrade such as an embroidered inset on the phelonion, extra bands of galloon, or the like. They are beautiful, will give many years of service, and are an excellent choice for festal sets as the phelonion is a wonderful canvas for showcasing large motif brocades.

The set includes a high back phelonion, epitrachelion (two piece style is my standard; if you'd like one-piece, please let me know), zone, cuffs, sticharion and epigonation or nabeddrenik. All vestment sets come with a complimentary vestment cover for storage and travel.  Chalice veil sets can be added. Most orders are completed and shipped within 3-5 weeks. 


Note: if you don't see the fabric or brocade you're looking for below, please see the other Priest Vestment pages for available brocades or email me at and I will be happy to make some recommendations for you.