Altar cloth, top cloth only. Fully lined, finished with high quality metallic galloon and fringe around perimeter. Drape is 8 inches beyond edge of Holy Table, exclusive of fringe (longer drape is available, please email for further customization).


If you would like help choosing an altar cloth option that is best for your church, please email photos of your altar area and nave and I will be happy to provide recommendations based upon your architecture, iconography, paint, and existing interior decoration. 


Base price is for 42 x 42 inch Holy Table; there is a $50/foot surcharge for larger Holy Table (please email the width and depth of your Holy Table).


Options include: Standard Brocade, Real Metal Brocade, and Embroidered Velvet (there are three design choices in Embroidered Velvet--grapevine, floral, and pomegranate). See the Fabric Swatches page for Standard and Real Metal Brocade options. 


Photos show: Edessa blue/gold Standard Brocade and Embroidered Blue Velvet with pomegranate design

Altar cloth, top cloth