I offer chalice veil sets in a variety of fabrics and styles. Brocade chalice veil sets can be made in a wide variety of colors and fabrics and are in two price categories: Standard Brocade ($255) and Real Metal Brocade ($295).


Also available are machine embroidered velvet chalice veil sets, which are not only very beautiful, they are exceptionally versatile and a great choice if you want a chalice veil set that will coordinate with a wide variety of vestments and altar cloths. In this style, I offer three designs: Pomegranate, Floral, and Grapevine (altar cloths can be made to match; please inquire for pricing).


For all chalice veil sets, the aer has ribbons on one edge and the veils have canvas interfacing to help them keep their shape.


Shipping is included in price.


Note: when ordering brocade chalice veil sets, please specify in the notes section which brocade you would like. If you're not sure, just let me know and I will email you options.

Chalice veil sets