Clergy vests can now be purchased at our sister website, East Rome Designs: 


Vests are the same sizes as I have always offered (M, L, XL, & XXL) and they are available in performance fabric for $75/each with free shipping.


Clergy vests (kontorassa) are a garment adaptation from the exorason: when priests in Greece began driving, they had their exorasa made hip length for ease of getting in and out of cars. Eventually, the sleeves were left off and what remained is the modern day kontorasson or clergy vest. This garment is very practical as it can save the front of a much more expensive cassock from daily wear and tear and it has handy pockets. 


Please note: I will no longer be offering custom-tailored vests because my schedule is very full with custom vestment and cassock work. Thank you for your understanding.


Clergy vests