This is a very historic style of altar cloth, originating in cloths placed under icons carried in processions and eventually becoming permanent pieces hanging under icons installed in churches (podea are frequently seen in churches in Greece). They are a rectangle or square of brocade, finished with galloon around the perimeter, and a casing on the back side so they can be hung on 3/8" steel curtain rods under icons either on an iconostasis or on the walls of a church. Prices vary depending on size, beginning at $125/each. These can be a wonderful way of economically ornamenting an undecorated iconostasis, especially in missions. They can also feature machine embroidered crosses, and fringe at the bottom hem (please email for customization).


If you need help selecting options, please email me photos of your nave and iconostasis and I will be happy to provide recommendations based upon your architecture, existing interior decoration, and iconography.


Options include: Standard Brocade, Real Metal Brocade, Embroidered Velvet (various designs of crosses available), Plain Velvet


Photos show: Jerusalem blue/gold real metal brocade and Embroidered Velvet Burgundy

Podea (wall altar cloth)