Stunning Regal design in black/burgundy/gold. I have this specially milled in Greece and have a limited quantity of this gorgeous brocade.


Regal is a classic brocade that has been used for many years and features lovely vining scrolls that frame traditional pomegranate motifs. Pomegranates are a symbol of rebirth and regeneration in classical art.

Pleaset note: Regal black also comes in black/silver and black/gold.


Custom tailored Priest's vestment sets comes with phelonion, epitrachelion, zone, cuffs, sticharion, epigonation, and vestment cover. Chalice veil set (2 veils and 1 aer) can be added.

Fit is guaranteed.

Delivery is 3-6 weeks from receipt of order.


Regal black-burgundy priest vestments